Fall Transition Guide: Part 1

Every year I want to talk about this important season, or I should say, about this important transition.  It's funny that the season I am most hesitant to embrace, is the one that I actually spend the most time trying to understand and work with.  

Fall.  It's the season from life into death.  From lightness to darkness.  From the warmth into a bitter cold.  In actuality though, it's beautiful.  The dead leaves that fall onto the ground, are they not the most beautiful colors of warmth?  The yellows, red, and orange, perfectly match the squashes and apples that come to life in this season.  It's as if one thing dies, another will bloom.  I finally see the magic right in my backyard. 

So of course with magic and power, comes the responsibility to manifest it's truest form.  It's the power of prevention.  The gain in strength. 

During the Fall, we want to prevent what may cause most of us discomfort in our daily lives.  This includes sickness, anxiousness, and weight gain.  Between the change in seasons, it's hard to keep this perfect health.  Of course life gets busier than what we had been use to in the summer.  Yet, you may still relax! You may still take take time and make sure some of it is for YOU!  This is the time to test your ability to recenter.  To gain that balance and energy to keep your momentum from the hotter months going, while letting in the tranquility of Fall's natural flow.  

Notice how calm it is outside during this time.  Where all you hear is the leaves crackling with the wind, you can't help but feel some sort of stillness. 

So, here is where it begins.  What is your Autumn Mantra?  Could it be the acceptance for change?  A graceful transition into something new?  It's a beautiful time of year to set the tone for colder months.  Soon to be a time for resolutions, maybe you can start with the simplicity of moving on.  

With the cooler air surrounding us, let us focus on the fire we have within us.  Focusing from the inside-out, we can create the warmth and beauty we wish to see in our daily lives.  What will come is rewarding. 

Once you decide on your mantra, you will be better able to put into practice the ideas and tips given.  This is for you.  Your practice.  Your transition.