Sunday Cortado 18


Have to start somewhere…

Yesterday, Instagram gently reminded me that I started blogging in this space three years ago. Well, it feels like even more. Maybe, because I really have been blogging for longer or maybe because I’ve taken one of my longest hiatus yet. Why? Oh, you know the usual…

Figuring out my purpose, reconnecting with my why, feeling like I’ve already said all I can say. But, like any strong minded, passionate woman, that can never be true. I’ve went through more changes in the last five months than any other time I can remember, and I’m preparing myself for even more in the next couple of months. From where I’ll call home to what kind of career, I still don’t know. But, I got this. My space to write what my hands create and where my mind wonders.

My Whisk and Mat is still full of food, thoughts, and beliefs. Always open to the curious, the conversationalist, community.


I didn’t plan to get too serious this morning, but I woke to another alert on my phone. A debate often in my own mind what kind of world I have hope for.

Keeping cool with Ayurveda. Even a summer junkie like myself can get a little heated, just a little.

This reminds me of green version of shashuka. Yum.

A peanut free pad thai? Perfect idea for kids and those who don’t like nuts! (Those people do exist)

I made a chocolate zucchini bread not too long ago and got rave reviews even from the most apprehensive. Can I pull off a traditional one?

Smashed Cucumber Yogurt Salad. Nice twist to put on my weekly cucumber salad rotation.

I made my own recipe! Some modifications like extra butter, this blueberry crumble is still one of the easiest dessert out there.

This was an unplanned-I woke up like this-kind of post. Trying to take the “must” out of what I love to do!