Creating Your Mantra

So many times we go into something, not completely knowing why and how we are doing it.  Especially at this time of year, with resolutions and both beginning and endings playing a significant role, the pressure is on!  

Constantly in our mind, are questions like what have we done, to what do we want to do.  What can we finally commit to, because this is the "perfect time".  Well, my dears, as you may note, this is where I tend to disagree.

Like most, I have seen my resolution lists after a year, only to check off a few of the items.  So many times after just half a year, I feel as if I aimed for the impossible.  I really started to let loose with my New Year Intentions.  Just another day, another night to hang out with family and wish each other the best.  Nothing wrong, but definitely not much to look forward too, but maybe a new planner.

So, I decided to go back to my roots.  To take a deeper look at who I was, and still becoming. I decided to create my mantra out of what I thought, and concluded.  Nothing concrete, but ever changing.  This gave me the platform.

A mantra.  A word or saying, repeated and reflective. Why and how?

1. Look Back

This is something I did naturally, and as much as I disliked it at first, I felt it had been the perfect way to figure out what I truly needed at this period in my life.  I found this to bring up intense emotions. You want to look back as if they were two of you.  Your present self looking upon the scenes and actions of your past self.  There is going to be the good, there is going to be the bad.  Recognize how you feel and probably felt.  I found this to be extremely uncomfortable at first, but eyeopening. 

The point is not to dwell, but to acknowledge from a different perspective.  A NON-JUDGEMENTAL PERSPECTIVE.

2.  Find the Pattern

Once you start looking back a bit, whether just the past year or a few years ago, you may start to notice something.  A trend, pattern, or events, that keep reoccurring in your life.  Once you see that we are definitely where we want to be. 

For myself, I noticed the trend of consistently wanting to start over.  So much so, I moved through states and jobs trying to find what worked for me.  I always thought if I just started all over, I could turn this into the life I wanted.  I even went as far as to take breaks in my wellness practices, such as yoga and nourishment. I started to notice not just the pattern, but also the reoccurring events in my life.  

In yoga, we call this our samskara and it’s something we constantly try to acknowledge and and work on. 

3.  Create Your Mantra

Any feeling and/or event can be held together by this word. 

We can do confidence.  Confidence in ourselves, journey, diet.  Maybe something more powerful, like infinite.  Our infinite power to create, be kind, and do great things. 

My mantra became to build.  To build on myself, off my practice, relationships, job and hustle.  I figured I created a great foundation on who I was and wanted to be, and although those findings are never done, what if I spent the next year creating something greater? 

Make it healing.  Make it positive. Make it unique.  You want something that can relate to every aspect of your life.